And now, gentlemen, like your manners, I must leave you.
― Dylan Thomas 
Stop acting
so fucking wounded.
The only person
that can pick you up,
push back your shoulders,
wipe the tears,
mend the broken bones
and get you out of your slump
is you.
Now go and live,
there is so much to be
happy about.
― "Things I tell myself when I feel as though the world is too big for me" - e.m.f.p  (via enlan)
If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.
― Hermann Hesse, Demian (via observando)
You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action. Without action upon an idea, there will be no manifestation, no results, and no reward
― ― Miguel Ruiz (via psych-quotes)
I used to build dreams about you.
F. Scott Fitzgerald   (via drunk-on-books)
My dad always says, some people will treat you badly and you can’t help that. But how you handle it and how it makes you feel, that’s up to you.
― ― Elise Broach (via psych-quotes)